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Curriculum Highlights

  • Equipment & Supplies

    Enhance your understanding of the sourcing of IV nutrients and required supplies. Tips on purchasing the proper equipment.

  • Safety & Regulations

    Understand Federal regulations that relate to IV nutrient infusion therapy. Get information on side effects, contraindications and infusion related emergencies.

  • Recipes and Protocols

    Learn and understand condition specific infusion recipes and protocols for enhancing your patients health and well being.


Lead Instructor

Katherine Devine Raver MSN, BSN, CNP

Katherine (KC) has been a Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) for over 6 years. She has been working in the medical field for for over 25 years. KC has also gained extensive military medical experience in the Army Nurse Corps where she spent 6 years on active duty. KC is the owner operator of two practices, the first, an Integrative Wellness Family Practice and the second, a thriving Infusion Clinic, both are located in Albuquerque, NM. KC's two private practices focus on optimizing patient’s health and well being. KC is a leading provider of IV Nutritional Infusion Therapy. She has studied, developed and implemented the IV Nutritional Therapy Services of her Infusion Clinic and has taught providers from around the country on the safe administration of IV Therapy. Enthused by the success of her clinic's IV Therapy program, KC wants to share her knowledge with other clinicians interested in learning about this innovative therapy. Not only will this course provide you with the nuts and bolts of infusion therapy, KC will be able to provide insights and real-world tips on the challenges of starting a private practice as well as offering IV Therapy as a service.


Jason A. Duprat MBA, MSA, BSN, APRN, CRNA

LCDR Jason Duprat has been a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) for over 6 years and has been working in the medical field for over 11 years, including 9 years in the Navy Reserves Nurse Corps. He is the former detachment training officer for Expeditionary Medical Facility-Dallas, Det A. He has a Bachelor of Science in Management, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Master of Science in Anesthesiology, and a Master of Business Administration. With his background as a serial entrepreneur, Advancaed Practice Registered Nurse, and Infusion Clinic founder, Jason has extensive experience with all aspects of the business of IV Therapy. In his spare time, he enjoys weight training, spending time on the water with his family, and helping his church LIVE stream their service.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Workbook Download

  • 2

    Introduction to IV Nutrition Therapy

    • Objective

    • Introduction to IV Nutritional Therapy

    • Quiz Instructions

    • Introduction Practice Quiz

    • Introduction CE Quiz

  • 3

    IV Therapy Regulations - USP 797 2008

    • Objective

    • Regulations Intro

    • IV Therapy Regulation

    • Workarounds

    • IV Therapy Regulation Practice Quiz

    • IV Therapy Regulations CE Quiz

  • 4

    USP 797 2019 Guidelines

    • Objectives

    • USP 797 - 2008 guidelines remain in effect

    • Introduction to USP 797

    • USP 797 Regulatory Guidelines 2019

    • USP 797 Cover Page

    • Are Category 1 Guidelines Obtainable?

    • Outsource Quote Example

    • Segregated Compounding Area Sample Pictures

    • USP 797 Practice Quiz

    • USP 797 Quiz

  • 5

    Labs Processing and Venous Access.

    • Objective

    • IV Insertion Review

    • IV Blood Draw Review

    • Specimen Processing Review

    • Outpatient Labs Practice Quiz

    • Outpatient Labs CE Quiz

  • 6

    Understanding & Calculating Osmolarity

    • Objectives

    • Calculating and Understanding Osmolarity

    • Osmolarity Calculations Examples

    • Oxidative Formulas MOSM Calculation

    • Infusion monitoring forms with standard protocols-MOSM calculations

    • Understanding & Calculating Osmolarity Practice Quiz

    • Understanding & Calculation Osmolarity CE Quiz

  • 7

    Patient Process

    • Objectives

    • The Patient Process and Work Up

    • Patient Process Practice Quiz

    • Patient Process CE Quiz

  • 8


    • Objectives

    • Complications - reactions, side effects, emergencies

    • Complications Practice Quiz

    • Complications CE Quiz

  • 9

    Components of IV Nutritional Therapy

    • Objectives

    • Components of IV Nutritional Therapy Introduction and Electrolytes (no video)

    • Components of IV Nutrition Vitamins and Minerals (no video)

    • Components of IV Nutrition Amino Acids, Trace Metals and Antioxidants (no video)

    • Components of IV Nutrition Poly MVA (no video)

    • Alpha Lipoic Acid

    • Taurine

    • Mixing IV Components

    • Components of IV Nutritional Therapy Practice Quiz

    • Components of IV Nutritional Therapy CE Quiz

    • Magnesium Chloride versus Magnesium Sulfate

  • 10

    Literature Review

    • Objectives

    • Asthma and Magnesium

    • Alpha-Lipoic Acid

    • B12 and Neuropathy

    • Glutathione and aging

    • Glutathione and Parkinson's

    • Glutathione and Skin

    • NAD+ and Liver Disease

    • Silver and Antimicrobial Effects

    • Vitamin C and Cancer

    • Literature Review Practice Quiz

    • Literature Review Quiz

  • 11

    Protocols - Master Formulations

    • Objectives

    • Protocols Lecture

    • Emergency Protocols Template

    • Master Formulations (IV Protocols) Downloads

    • Athletic Performance and Recovery Lecture

    • Chemo / Cancer Support Lecture

    • Energy, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Myers Lecture

    • Immunity Boosters Lecture

    • NAD+ Introductory Lecture

    • Oxidative Stress and Detoxification Lecture

    • Protocols Practice Quiz

    • Protocols CE Quiz

  • 12

    Cost & Pricing

    • Objective

    • Master Cost Calculations Sneak Peak

    • Infusion Therapies - Price Breakdown

    • Costs Practice Quiz

    • Costs Quiz

  • 13

    Plan Your IV Therapy Practice

    • Prepare Yourself Presentation

    • Plan Your IV Therapy Business Part I

    • Plan Your IV Therapy Business Part II

    • Plan Your IV Therapy Business Part III

    • Plan Your IV Therapy Business Part IV: Licensing and Regulations

  • 14

    Establish Your IV Therapy Practice

    • Establish Your IV Therapy Practice Part 1

    • Establish Your IV Therapy Practice Part 2

    • Establish Your IV Therapy Practice Part 3

    • Sample Operating Agreement

  • 15

    Maintain and Grow Your IV Therapy Practice

    • Marketing Introduction

    • Values Goals Strategy and Tactics

    • Marketing Is An Investment

    • Creating An Avatar

    • Customer Research

    • Your Marketing Funnel

    • Online Marketing Mediums

    • Offline Marketing Mediums

    • What To Talk About

    • How To Take Great Pictures And Video With Your Phone

    • Asking For Testimonials So Patients Actually Want To Do It

    • You Better Be Following Up With People

    • Automate Your Follow Up With Emails

    • Content Repurposing

    • Growing Your Clinic

    • Facebook Ads For Cold Audiences

  • 16

    Bonus: IV Therapy Business Plan

    • Instructions For Modifying Business Plan Financials

    • IV Therapy Business Plan Example / Template

  • 17

    Bonus: Clinic Forms and Templates

    • Objectives

    • Informed Consent Template (Nutrient Infusion)

    • Patient History and Physical Form (For IV Nutrient Therapy)

    • Infusion Record Template (monitoring form)

    • Patient Intake Form

    • IV Nutritional Infusion Order Set

    • Osmolarity Chart

    • Infusion monitoring forms- MOSM calculations

    • Subcontract for Certified Nurse Practitioner Specialty Services

    • Nurse Practitioner- Job Post

    • Job Offer Letter

    • Non-Competition Agreement

    • Clinic Forms and Templates Practice Quiz

    • Clinic Forms and Templates CE Quiz

  • 18

    Bonus: List of Vendors and Suppliers

    • Pharmacy list

    • Infusion Clinic Essential Supplies list

  • 19

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I Customize IV Drips?

    • What pre and post op protocols do you advise?

    • How do prove that I am qualified to administer IV therapies?

    • What are your thoughts on pre-mixed IVs?

    • Are Calcium Gluconate 5% and Calcium Gluconate 10% the same osmolarity

    • What are the minimal emergency items I should have on hand?

    • How often can I repeat infusions?

    • Why are some protocols different? ie Migraines

    • Will the information regarding licensing and regulations apply to the state where I practice?

    • Do RNs need supervision to run an IV Therapy practice?

    • Can I own an IV Therapy Practice and do I need Physician supervision if I am a Provider?

    • Can you point me to some pharmacies?

    • Do you have a list with the recommended supplies including emergency supplies?

    • What is the total delivery time for each formula?

    • What is the drip rate for an infusion?

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    • Learner Assessment and Program Evaluation

  • 23

    Course References

    • References